Top Ten Innovative CSS Design Trends in 2022

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Introduction – what is a web design, and why is it needed?

Web design is one of the stages of website development. Sites are created for e-commerce (online stores), services, or informational blogs. Still, everything related to the appearance and visual component of the area falls under the concept of “web design.”

Creating a ready-made site layout involves working on configuration and visualization. The structure is the arrangement of various design elements on the network (pictures, buttons, texts, forms, etc.), and visualization is the detailed study of the system with the addition of colors. Professionals working in the field of web design are called web designers.

Modern Web design has long gone beyond the usual aesthetics and visual beauty. The area of responsibility of this area also includes the convenience and functionality of sites. This is not a whim of designers but the current market trends. Users are focused on user-friendly interfaces, so web designers must adapt to these requests and create aesthetically pleasing sites with a clear and thoughtful structure.

In addition to web design, there is another direction called UX UI design or interface design. Web Design focuses exclusively on websites and web applications, while UX UI design focuses on all interfaces in general (websites, web and mobile applications, services, etc.). Those who are engaged in UX UI design are called interface designers.

Twelve CSS tricks for web design

CSS (which stands for Cascading Style Sheets) is a language used to describe how HTML elements should be displayed. It is one of the first technologies explored by future front-end and web developers. Knowing the basics of CSS is just a must-have.

And although it seems that CSS is only needed to describe the colors of elements, their positioning, and the like, it can also be used to create animations that “animate” our applications and sites. Few of us have probably paid enough attention to CSS and studied this language intensely. Therefore, some practical advice on using CSS will be helpful to many. In our article, we have collected 12 such valuable tricks.

Vertical alignment with flex

The Flexible Box Layout Model (or just Flexbox) has gained much popularity since its inception. And this is not surprising because this approach dramatically facilitates the positioning and alignment of elements. Applying flex (the flexbox property) made vertical alignment quick and easy.

Blend Modes (Blends)

You can do many cool things with CSS, like applying layer blend modes. There are two properties for using blend modes: mix-blend-mode (defines the blending of elements that are next to each other) and background-blend-mode (depicts the blending of background images).

Parallax scrolling

Parallax is a prevalent thing in modern web design. The effect is based on the fact that the scrolling speed of the background image is different from the scrolling speed of the content.

Shape outside (giving the element a non-rectangular shape)

Another great feature that is available in CSS but little used is the shape-outside property.

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Trimming a string

There are several ways to deal with this in JavaScript, but CSS also allows you to crop text. Overflow properties were used for cropping.

Cropping an image with clip-path

Sometimes a designer gets too creative, and you must find ways to fit the image into a given geometric shape, such as a triangle. To do this, you can use the clip-path property.

Full height and width

If we want our app or site to fit the viewport size, the vh and vw units come to the rescue. Vh means 100% viewport height, and vw means 100% viewport width.

Image filters

If you work with images, you can achieve exciting effects. CSS allows for a wide range of filters so developers can work with graphics without resorting to Photoshop.

CSS Animations

Animations on the site grab the user’s attention, which is why they are so often used in web design.

Rotate elements

Another kind of animation that can be done with CSS is rotation—this is a great way to spice up a loader element, logo, or gallery image.


If you have ever done graphic design, you should know how valuable masks can be. But they can be used in a graphical editor and in CSS.

Zoom on hover

When creating image galleries, highlighting the images that the cursor is hovering over often becomes necessary. Great idea to add a zoom effect.

Ten key web design trends for 2022

Applying a dark interface to page design

The process of popularizing this design began in 2019. At first, dark themes were used only in some applications. Today, developers use this look for websites as well. The leading brands that actively offer dark themes are Apple, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, and many others.

The use of the dark theme is controlled manually using the settings. Some options allow you to set a timer for switching. In this case, the user is no longer involved in this.

Dark mode encourages users to quickly scan the site’s content and focus on critical aspects of the page: charts, graphs, and stocks. The dark shade of the background with the right color palette and typography of the rest of the elements evokes an emotional response, pushing users to target actions and increasing audience loyalty.

Even though this design option is no longer so new, it will still be used in 2022.

Use unique fonts to highlight headings or essential information

Fonts have always been used not only to convey text but also to create a beautiful appearance. Web designers and graphic designers create unique options they will actively use in the future. With their help, you can get several advantages:

  1. creating a unique look;
  2. the ability to highlight important information;
  3. creating an aesthetically pleasing design;
  4. attracting the user’s attention to the content.

Nowadays are popular options with serifs or curls, making the design more authentic. Often used for highlighting is lettering. It consists of different heights of letters in one word, as well as the presence of additional elements for decoration.

Another point that is associated with fonts is adaptation. The site should adapt its size by adjusting it to the screen size of the device.

Microsoft will add new default fonts to Microsoft Office in 2022. The company considers the Calibri font obsolete and ordered five original fonts from third-party designers, which users can test on social networks within six months.

The following fonts will be added to Microsoft Office 365 office applications:

  1. Grandview;
  2. Skeena;
  3. Bierstadt;
  4. Seaford;
  5. Tenorite.

Representatives of the company believe that the type of font used when writing resumes and emails for newsletters affects the user’s first impression. Calibri and the new fonts will be available in the office programs menu.

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Memphis style design

One of the defining aesthetics of the 1980s, Memphis design is sometimes considered a flashy style that combines many chaotic patterns and shapes. At one time, Memphis-inspired design, at once more colorful, accessible, and adventurous than design had ever been, was a rejection of minimalism and the supposedly sophisticated taste of art historians.

At a time when minimalist approaches have resulted in a plethora of interfaces that, while intuitive, are overwhelmingly the same, this stance sounds particularly sincere. Therefore, it is not surprising that many web designers turn to the Memphis style to get an explosion of bright personalities that no visitor will forget.

Application of animated images in 3D

Sometimes, things are easier to show than to attach an extensive product description in text format. In this case, 3D animation can be successfully applied. In 2022, 3D effects will become more voluminous, with a desire for futuristic elements.

3D animation will not leave anyone indifferent due to its breathtaking realism. Designing in this format mimics depth’s effect in images, illustrations, and typography. Next year, 3D images will be combined with photos and 2D designs to create realistic drawings. Users will be able to explore objects from all angles.

Visible borders

Web design loves to create a sense of magic – or at least the illusion that content is neatly organized by an invisible hand floating freely in the digital space. The reality, of course, is that websites are built on a strict grid and contain code. This is the reality that designers strive to show in 2022, revealing the essence of layouts with simple borders and frames.

A visible grid has the apparent advantage of distinguishing one section from another. This makes the page easier to browse, allowing more content to be displayed without making the page feel crowded. These simple borders give sites a subtle retro vibe that pairs well with other recurring circa-nineties trends.

Using flaws as unique features

Imperfections no longer look unattractive. On the contrary, they are actively used to draw the user’s attention to one or another component of the page. Beautifully complemented by asymmetry or strikethrough, the image will create an enticing headline or make the overall design more authentic.

It will look good on various sites. For example:

  1. online magazines or newspapers;
  2. websites selling clothes and cosmetics;
  3. information pages on interior decor;
  4. beauty or fashion industry blogs.

The design will use such a unique technique as an uncentered balance. He will be able to revive the target audience, focus their attention on the site’s most essential elements, and facilitate the perception of visual information. Asymmetry will allow you to use the free space of the site more efficiently and profitably and separate the navigation menu from the rest of the content. The asymmetric design will help express the main message and emotions of the web resource and create a sense of dynamism. This technique is perfect for creating advertising sites where a critical component is an emotional motive.

Thanks to this, sites will be able to attract a large number of visitors since the unusual always attracts attention and creates directed consumer interest. Recognition of a voice command is carried out using voice verification.

Engaging Interactives

Over the years, we’ve seen websites take animation displays to technologically innovative heights. While they have been more commonly used in the first screen and page transitions in the past, we expect more designers to turn to large-scale animation interactions in 2022.

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These interactions go beyond scrolling (which can be relatively passive) to encourage more conscious interaction with the page, such as clicking, swiping, and dragging.

The key to this trend is to create a bit of a mystery—for example, the tiny black cube following the cursor on LEQB or the missing navigation on Chiara Luzzana—and the visitor is encouraged to use some form of interaction to find out how the page works. This creates a new experience that makes site users feel like explorers actively clicking on the page to uncover its secrets.

Applying the most minimalistic web design options

Minimalism in the site design implies a large area of ​​​​free space without unnecessary elements. With the help of well-placed accents, you can control the user’s gaze and lead him to targeted actions. The main goal of the minimalist style in design is to achieve a combination of functionality, convenience, aesthetics, and atmosphere.

Since users spend a lot of time online, getting information quickly and easily becomes essential. Various decorative elements become distracting and annoying factors that cause a decrease in visitor traffic. To avoid this, in 2022, web designers should focus on minimalistic page models.

This is also because smartphones, tablets, or smart watches cannot display the full range of design solutions. This leads to the emergence of an adaptive approach in web design.

Working with layering, shadows, or floating details

Elements with a floating base complemented by soft shades create an illusory 3D image. This method allows you to add more profound and exciting points. They are designed to interest the client and draw his attention to important issues.

Compared to classic 3D, this hike is more simplified. It allows the user to feel the illusion of vast space and get positive emotions from working with the service. It also provides an opportunity to increase the level of interest in the brand and make the product more recognizable.

This tool is still a suitable replacement for pure 3D effects and 3D animations. In 2022, it can be found in the first half of the year, but then there is a very high chance of it being completely excluded from the lists of trends.

Using gradients and highlights

The fashion for color gradients and schemes was pioneered by Instagram back in 2016. Their logo has become iconic and has made a breakthrough in the web design industry. Since then, this approach has not lost its relevance, which allows designers to continue working with color transitions.

The difference in application mainly concerns the color scheme. Thanks to the use of the most minimalistic trends, color gradients appear before us in two formats:

  1. monochrome;
  2. the most opposite colors on the color circle.

The first method is distinguished by using one color with a smooth transition to white or the lightest shade. This method is suitable for highlighting headings or essential blocks. The second option allows you to divide the page into two fields containing opposite or compared objects.

Also, acid or very bright colors have ceased to be used for this type of design. Most often, preference is given to pastel colors or bright but blurry shades.


Web design is mainly aimed at increasing the functionality of working with sites. This is due to the trends of the time, in which visitors do not have the opportunity to spend hours at a computer or gadget to understand the interface of a particular portal.

Technology development allows applying more sophisticated tools and options for creating sites. Maintaining traffic, ranking, and page performance are essential to keep up with the times.

In 2022, web designers will be more careful in design, as all trends are reduced to the maximum functionality. By following and using web design trends in 2022 to promote and create a site, they will be able to create high-quality projects with flexible design and reliable management.

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